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Then 2005...

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Shadow is a 14 year old Percheron/Hackney Pony cross.  He stands about 14 hands tall (4 inches per hand). He is also fairly stocky and can carry a larger load.  He loves children and behaves his best with a small child on his back.  Normally he will follow us around like a big dog. Shadow's favorite activities are eating and sleeping.  We swear he can walk and sleep at the same time. Shadow also loves to ride in the horse trailer.  He loves carrots and apples but since his mouth is small, he likes his apples cut.


Gus is a 17 year old Norwegian Fjord Horse.   The Fjord is an ancient breed and can survive anywhere. He stands at 14.2 hands. We do not cut or color his mane or tail, they are just like that.  Gus can be stubborn at times but is very good at his beach job.  He loves the water, any water, and may take you swimming if you want to go. Gus's favorite activity is the annual Hatteras Village Christmas Parade. He loves the attention. Ask Gus to show you his missing tooth.  Gus likes carrots and apples too.


Willem is a 15 year old Percheron/Arab cross. He does not do the beach rides but wanted his picture on the website anyway.  He is currently in training for endurance riding events and is generally the leader of our herd.  He is 16.1 hands tall.  Willem loves to run, jump and blaze trails. He is happiest when he is out on the trails heading toward the beach.

UPDATE: July 2011 Willem has had to fill in on several rides this year due to a lameness issue with Shadow. He had a really good time being a "pony" for a few days and will fill in from time to time when the other boys need a rest. It will be a ride to remember if you are among the lucky few who get to ride Willem.

Shkoda is a 10 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare. Here she is with Shadow and Suzie. She gets along with all our boys and will be trading off with Gus from time to time. She is super soft and sweet but don't let that long tail hit you.Her name is Russian for "trouble" or "fast car" either of which could apply.


These are two of our canine crew: Taggert and Hammish (Tag and Hammie). They will sometimes accompany us on beach rides. Many times in the off season, if we are trail riding, the dogs will run along beside, in front of or under the horses. So don't be surprised if you have a canine companion along for your ride. No charge, of course.


Alex (daughter) has graduated from college with a degree in  Therapeutic Horsemanship.  She is an excellent rider and Gus is her boy. She currently works for Surf or Sound Realty and is our photography expert. Justin is her husband.


Justin (son-in-law) is also a helper at Hatteras Island Horseback Riding.  Here he is skimboarding. A great activity to do while you wait your turn to ride. Justin is an art teacher.

In 2014, Alex and Justin were married in a beautiful ceremony.


Sam (son) is currently a student at NC State. He has served as full time assistant since 2015. He loves computers, Star Wars and Shadow.